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owner & coach

Dusty has been coaching in the Temecula Valley for over 20 years! Dusty started DRIVEN 15 years ago; prior to that focusing on sport specific athlete personal training. Dusty is the master-mind behind the programming at DRIVEN; we love him some days and love-hate him others because of it. He keeps our members fit, safe, strong, agile and prepared for anything active life may throw our way. Anyone and everyone is lucky to be coached by Dusty! When not at the gym you will find Dusty surfing, riding motocross, mountain biking, spending time with Brittany, hanging with the kids, and always active! Nicknames: Branch, Mr. Hobby



owner & coach

Brittany has been a DRIVEN coach for 8 years, and a DRIVEN athlete for 11 years! Brittany is a Functional Nutritionist that helps members with nutrition, in addition to coaching classes. Brittany was born and raised in the fitness industry. She has always been an athlete and loves to stay active! Her competitive sports growing up were field hockey, soccer and softball. She has a passion for people and helping others become the best version of themselves. When not at the gym you will find Brittany working as a Mortgage Broker for the family business, GM Mortgage, doing something fun with Dusty, spending time with her kids, at the beach, cycling, practicing yoga, or out with friends. Nicknames: Princess Poppy, Mama Bear.




Josh has worked out at DRIVEN since he was 14 years old. He has been trained by the best, and has literally grown up with a DRIVEN family around him. He is a stellar athlete with precise technique and mechanics. He is young and motivated and at the beginning of what we know will be a long-lasting coaching career. Josh coaches our middle school and high school programs (in addition to adult classes); he is a perfect mentor for young athletes because he literally has been in their shoes - he is what your kids aspire to be. When Josh isn't coaching or working out he's most definitely surfing, or of the two.




Nicole has been part of the DRIVEN community for over 5 years. She comes with a gymnastics background as a prior Scega gymnastics coach. Nicole is an excellent motivator and encouraging to all that she coaches. Nicole will tell you that DRIVEN has been a big part of her life and is a community of people that truly can pick you up when you are down. When Nicole isn't coaching, you will find her hanging out with her two boys that she loves and adores; she is their biggest cheerleader! Nicole primarily coaches on Sundays should you want to workout and hang out with her.




Lauren has been part of the DRIVEN community for about 2 years. Her background of fitness and coaching started a decade ago. As a certified personal trainer, she is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and fascinated by how the human body works. She commands the class and will make you a better athlete if you are willing and wanting to improveLauren loves to be on the floor coaching at any given opportunity. Having relocated a lot in recent years, she is very happy to have a community of friends and family at DRIVEN.




Kaleigh has been part of the DRIVEN community for a couple years. In addition to being a great athlete (you don't ever want to row against her...guy or girl), she wins the award for the best hair in the gym (her braid creativity is on point). Kaleigh is a very positive contribution to the coaching team; she is always smiling; if you come to the gym with a "tude", you will surely leave with a positive attitude. She primarily coaches on Saturdays should you want to see her smiling face.

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Alana is known best for her ability to smile throughout an entire workout; even on the hardest of days you'll see an ear-to-ear grin on her face! Alana puts the fun in just about everything in the gym and life. We joke, if you don't like Alana, there's something wrong with you. What better of a person to be the fun coordinator of the gym. Watch out, she will surely ask you to pose for a photo, do a silly tik-tok stunt or boomerang you. And we love her for it! When Alana is not at the gym you will find her putting lashes on someone or hanging out with her family, and extended family - she brings the party wherever she goes!

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