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Monday 12.28.15

Warm Up:

5 minutes of (shuttles, bike or jump rope)

then.. Movement stetching & Skill Review

Front Squat:

5 x 3 @ 65% w/ a 2 second pause in bottom position

Press/ push press/ push jerk: (from rack)

5 building sets: limiter will be the press.. Each rep should get easier

EMOM for 10 minutes:

3 position power cleans

(high hang/ mid thigh/ floor)

*if you are new to Olympic lifts.. Please go extremely light!)

7 minute amrap

10 hit the deck shuttles

5 knees to elbows

20 jumping lunges

Post Workout: 3 sets

15 Ghd Sit-ups

15 Ghd Back Ext

10 each; y's, t's & w's

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