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Thursday 09.03.15

3 round circuit: as your warm-up

(:30 sec work/ :15 seconds to rotate)

battling ropes

wall sit squat

later bounds across boards


Gymnastic Skill Session: 20 minutes

1st 10 minutes: (pullup rig movements)

proper kipping/butterfly technique

toes 2 bar/k2e's

rings; dips/mu's transitions/hollow body holds or l-sit

2nd 10 minutes: (inverted work)

HSPU's/ HS Holds/ HS Walks/ paralletes

* Please listen to your coach for appropriate progressions.

Metcon: 10 minute amrap

10 wallball shots (20/14)

20 alt kb swings (53/35) *10/side*

30 alt (in-place) Lunges

200m run

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