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Thursday 08.06.15

Warm-up: 5 minutes

10 shuttles

10 alt lunges

10 hanging knee raises

Oly Skill Review & Warm-up

2 sets:

5 muscle snatch

5 hang power snatch


Clock Set for 20 minutes

Snatch Grip Push Press:

3 x 5 (keep weight relatively light)

Snatch Balance: (if new to this, please do OHS or use PVC only)

3 x 3 (load needs to be according to skill level. Be safe!)

Snatch: 5 building sets

* please do not add load if previous lift wasn't technically sound!

* When 20 minutes is up, you're done! *

Metcon: 12 minute amrap

10 pullups

10 med ball burpee to overhead (20/14)

10 hang power cleans (95/65)

100m med ball run

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